Woman on a mission

Today, while I was at work, I suddenly thought: I need a mission statement.

I am an artist. I aspire to being a better, more successful artist. For that, I need to state my mission.

Here goes: I Will Occasionally Suck ( = be unskilled, wrong, mistaken, misguided).

I am so scared of making mistakes, that I struggle making anything at all. It’s changing though – slowly. Even this blog, the simple act of writing every day, this reminder that I Can, and I Will, if I Choose to.

As an artist, I agree to being wrong. I allow messing up. I allow all my wrong notes and confused lyrics. I allow bad diction and weak muscles. I will work on all that, but in the meantime, I allow a learning curve.

The Great Artist I have in mind to be is almost invulnerable…. but I am not. And that’s part of the fun. Being vulnerable. Persevering. Not having all the answers.

I allow uncertainty. I allow awkwardness. I allow fear. Because from therein, inspiration flourishes.


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