Branding is like making friends: If you’re not offending people, you’re doing it wrong

I haven’t been around for a couple of days, but oh, am I ever working! Part of that work? Finding out my goals as an artist. Finding out how to realise them. Finding and creating my brand. Which is why this article is BRILLIANT!

Four Eyes Communications Blog

all kinds of people, find niche market for branding It takes all kinds….

Branding is a mystery for many people. If they have any thoughts about it at all, they think it’s about appearances: logos, website design, t-shirts, free pens. Close, but not quite. And you don’t want to get this wrong because—as people become more educated,as the internet makes it easier for companies to hire abroad people who will work for less than North American wages, and as more businesses have access to good design—it’s becoming “sink or swim” out there for businesses, non-profits, and freelancers.

Design and consistency are important parts of branding, but are superficial beyond initial attraction. Branding is about who you are. It’s fiercely and articulately making sure that everyone knows what you’re about and knows who they are in relation to you.

This is the part that scares a lot of businesses away from kicking ass at branding: they don’t want to draw…

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