Patreon: I Will Fail To Start With, That’s Fine (also, I Did The Show!)

So I HAVE DONE MY ONE WOMAN SHOW OH MY GOD. Deep breath, now. It’s awesome. The turnout was good (I feel incredibly privileged there, recently saw an Edinburgh preview that was EMPTY….) and the feedback better. There are messages on my phone from people who really wanted to come and couldn’t – whether politeness or genuine desire, I’ll find out next time I do … Continue reading Patreon: I Will Fail To Start With, That’s Fine (also, I Did The Show!)

Halfway To Thirty (Also Brexit, Fuck)

6 months left until I hit the big 30! Feeling lost, confused, helpless, sad, confused… Granted, some of it might be due to Brexit. And no sugar diet (hello, withdrawal). The big leading Thing of Things that seems to be happening in my life: in my race to Become A Cool Person (which is not always successful, let’s face it) I seem to have lost … Continue reading Halfway To Thirty (Also Brexit, Fuck)

Girlfag Is Back (She Never Left)

I’m writing. I’m confused. Nothing new here. Don’t know if I’m not doing a good enough job, representing myself, representing people – or should I let go of Things That Happened and get on with Characters I Have? I keep thinking that I’d not evolved enough to write this play. That the character – played, after all, by me – has a more interesting potential … Continue reading Girlfag Is Back (She Never Left)

Bravest of the brave

Courage. Take heart. This is literally all I can say to myself, as I: Take a new, uncertain path in life while My relationship is falling around my ears. 2. is, at least in part,┬ácaused by 1. – I’m fairly certain. We’re both sensitive artists (read: drama queens) and somebody here needs to put a boundary up and it’s got to be me. In an … Continue reading Bravest of the brave

The New Way Of Walking

Mood: thoughtful. Lonely. Google searches: Alan Rickman, “Jinx” (due to cryptic conversation with a housemate re: films to watch on house movie night) Today was a weird day. Yesterday it’s been a week since I quit my job. I’m doing great and I’ve been saying as much; today I will acknowledge the rest of reality. My back hurts. It was one of the motors of … Continue reading The New Way Of Walking