I keep wishing I was someone else

Lifestats: articles – too many; Google – carrot cake vegan icing (no dairy diet); Money earned – not enough; Count of fear – high. I wish for a lot of things. I wish I were more conscious of myself, more self-aware, more grounded; I wish I were less frustrated and happier. I wish I had better boundaries, better body, better everything. I wish I did … Continue reading I keep wishing I was someone else

Best reads from my Facebook!

Okay, so since I’ve become a freelancer I’ve been reading a lot. Possibly too much. I’m a keen reader and like to bring some new thoughts in to shake me up! As follows: Cool website from Michael Yichao, who wrote on the political correctness argument in comedy. The title speaks for itself: It’s Not Censorship; Your Jokes Are Just Crappy and Lazy Then, there is … Continue reading Best reads from my Facebook!

Intoxication Culture is a Bore

Originally posted on Clementine Morrigan:
I often come across discussions online in which sober people are trying to find ways to continue to enjoy socializing and going out now that they have stopped drinking. Feedback ranges from becoming super into drinking sodas and fancy drinks to hiding the fact that you’re not drinking to giving up on nightlife and parties all together. The common thread… Continue reading Intoxication Culture is a Bore

Bravest of the brave

Courage. Take heart. This is literally all I can say to myself, as I: Take a new, uncertain path in life while My relationship is falling around my ears. 2. is, at least in part, caused by 1. – I’m fairly certain. We’re both sensitive artists (read: drama queens) and somebody here needs to put a boundary up and it’s got to be me. In an … Continue reading Bravest of the brave

Aaaargh! Madcap run for my life, a.k.a. I have Muppet Underwear, Fuck This

Google searches: washing trainers without ruining them forever (that was the intention, anyway) Mood: aaaaaargh!! I’ve been writing normal/well-thought-out/structured posts recently, but fuck that shit. Fuck it. Fuck pretending I’m not in a freefall, and that I don’t swear like a sailor when the mood strikes. Fuck respectability politics, fuck staying home all the time, fuck being scared. My old pal frustration is in town. … Continue reading Aaaargh! Madcap run for my life, a.k.a. I have Muppet Underwear, Fuck This

The New Way Of Walking

Mood: thoughtful. Lonely. Google searches: Alan Rickman, “Jinx” (due to cryptic conversation with a housemate re: films to watch on house movie night) Today was a weird day. Yesterday it’s been a week since I quit my job. I’m doing great and I’ve been saying as much; today I will acknowledge the rest of reality. My back hurts. It was one of the motors of … Continue reading The New Way Of Walking