I keep wishing I was someone else

Lifestats: articles – too many; Google – carrot cake vegan icing (no dairy diet); Money earned – not enough; Count of fear – high. I wish for a lot of things. I wish I were more conscious of myself, more self-aware, more grounded; I wish I were less frustrated and happier. I wish I had better boundaries, better body, better everything. I wish I did … Continue reading I keep wishing I was someone else

Best reads from my Facebook!

Okay, so since I’ve become a freelancer I’ve been reading a lot. Possibly too much. I’m a keen reader and like to bring some new thoughts in to shake me up! As follows: Cool website from Michael Yichao, who wrote on the political correctness argument in comedy. The title speaks for itself: It’s Not Censorship; Your Jokes Are Just Crappy and Lazy Then, there is … Continue reading Best reads from my Facebook!

Intoxication Culture is a Bore

I really like how this is phrased. I’ve almost always been a non-drinker, or a 1-drink drinker. I went from hanging out with fellow scouts (scouts pledge sobriety in Poland, though theory and practice can differ) to student life (where “how come you’re not drinking” was a big deal) to choosing my own adventures and people who will not pester me to drink. In certain … Continue reading Intoxication Culture is a Bore

Bravest of the brave

Courage. Take heart. This is literally all I can say to myself, as I: Take a new, uncertain path in life while My relationship is falling around my ears. 2. is, at least in part,┬ácaused by 1. – I’m fairly certain. We’re both sensitive artists (read: drama queens) and somebody here needs to put a boundary up and it’s got to be me. In an … Continue reading Bravest of the brave

Aaaargh! Madcap run for my life, a.k.a. I have Muppet Underwear, Fuck This

Google searches: washing trainers without ruining them forever (that was the intention, anyway) Mood: aaaaaargh!! I’ve been writing normal/well-thought-out/structured posts recently, but fuck that shit. Fuck it. Fuck pretending I’m not in a freefall, and that I don’t swear like a sailor when the mood strikes. Fuck respectability politics, fuck staying home all the time, fuck being scared. My old pal frustration is in town. … Continue reading Aaaargh! Madcap run for my life, a.k.a. I have Muppet Underwear, Fuck This

The New Way Of Walking

Mood: thoughtful. Lonely. Google searches: Alan Rickman, “Jinx” (due to cryptic conversation with a housemate re: films to watch on house movie night) Today was a weird day. Yesterday it’s been a week since I quit my job. I’m doing great and I’ve been saying as much; today I will acknowledge the rest of reality. My back hurts. It was one of the motors of … Continue reading The New Way Of Walking